Pole Bending

Rider enters the arena, races across the timer line. Race Clock begins when timer light beam is broken the 1st time. Race ends when light beam is broken the 2nd time.

Rider runs down to the 6th pole, goes around it and weaves in & out of the other poles, at the 1st pole you go around it and weave in & out of the poles again, at the 6th pole you go around and run to the gate, you should run home on the opposite side that you went down on.

Pattern may be approached from left or right side of barrel.

Riders may run through gate entering arena

Rider-Up (waiting to ride next) and Rider-on-Deck (waiting to ride second next)

PLEASE be ready & waiting in On-Deck Area.

Winner rides the correct pattern in the least amount of time.

There is a 5 second penalty for each barrel or pole knocked to the ground.

Disqualification: Break pattern or violate *basic LSC rules.